Public Talks, Books and Media Coverage

Public talks and media coverage of my work on the origins of the universe from the multiverse and black holes includes:

TV and Radio :

Radio :
  • German Radio (2009, 2010), Live Radio Interviews in: NC PR (2008 and 2012); and,
  • German Radio2 1 (2007, 2010), etc.
  • BBC Radio 4: Material World interview 2013, Material World BBC R4
  • NPR/WUNC ‘The State of Things’ with Frank Stasio: Another Universe? (2011)
  • NPR/WUNC ‘The State of Things’ with Frank Stasio: Meet Laura Mersini-Houghton

Science Magazines :

  • Discover 2014, and 2012;
  • New Scientists 2007 (cover story), 2008, 2009 (cover story), 2010, 2011, 2012;
  • Scientific American (2009); Cosmos 2009; BBC Focus 2010, 2011;
  • Bild der Wissenschaft 2006-2011 and in their ’Biography of an eminent scientist’;
  • Italy and France Focus; La Repubblica; Guardian, Sunday Times UK, and,
  • Recently: An Origin Story.

Books that Quote my work on the Origins of the Universe :

  • The Epilogue chapter of the ’The Many Worlds of H.Everett III’ by Peter Byrne (2010);
  • A chapter in ’Stephen Hawking’s Universe’ by Rudi Vaas in German (2010);
  • ’Many Worlds in One’ by Mary-Jane Rubinstein, etc.

Some Notable Public lectures :

Many of these events, public lectures and debates with R. Penrose, J. Ellis, G. t’ Hooft, and more,  which took place in the “How the Lights Gets In” festival of philosophy and science, in Hay en Wye and London, can be found here and in youtube.

Find here some select Events and Debates at the Hay on Wye ‘How The Light Gets In’ Science and Philosophy Festival:

Other Interviews, Public Lectures and Book:

    • Nautilus Magazine: ‘Ingenious’ Inteview
    • PBS Interview 2019 Closer to The Truth
    • Book: Before The Big Bang – The Origin of Our Universe and What Lies Beyond, 2022  Before The Big Bang
    • UNC Alumni Lecture Chicago 2014; National Science Writers Conference Raleigh 2012
    • The annual ’Maxwell lecture’ for the London community, U.K., organized by KCL in 2009.

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